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Cashless is the Future
Paywave (Visa/Master Card) Integration now available 


Customization of Skin Available 

Technical Specifications

-Accptance Rate

 98% or grater


-Bill Width Accepted



-Acceptance Spped

  Approx. 2.5sec to cash box



  Approx. 400 notes cashbox

  Approx. 1,000 coins/tokens


-Coin/Token Size

  Diameter 20-33mm

  Tickness 1.6-3.3mm



  W180 x D290 x H740mm OR

  7.09 x 11.49 x 29.13 inches



  Approx. 21kg or 46.31 lbs


-Power Source

  AC 88v-132v

  AC 176v-264v




  Operating Temperature:: 5-50°C

  Storage Temperature: -20-70°C

  Humidity: 30%-85%RH (no condensation)







Stand for S-Series Coin Changer

Stand for Coin Canger is sold seperately.


Stand allows coin changer to be bolted to the floor directly for flexiblity and security in its placment


Dimensions of the entire machine with stand:



  W180 x D290 x H1480mm OR

  7.09 x 11.49 x 58.26 inches


Machine can be bolted to a wall alternatively without the need for the stand

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